Doctors and Staff

The General Practitioners (Partners)


Dr Judith Moore              (F)     BM MRCGP DRCOG Southampton 1985


Dr Patrick Wills               (M)    MBBS AKC MSc MRCP MRCGP DGM Kings 1989


Dr Jayne King                 (F)     MBBS MRCGP DRCOG DCh DFFP Charing Cross 1986


Dr Myrto Kaklamanou     (F)     MD MRCGP Prague 2005


Dr Marie Locke                (F)     BMBS MSc PGC DRCOG MRCGP


Dr Louay Al-Mukhtar       (M)


The General Practitioners (Salaried)


Dr Timothy Whelan        (M)    MA MB BChir MRCGP Cambridge 1981


Dr Maria Giorgetti           (F)     Medico, Unicersidad Nacional de Rosario 2007


Dr Breen-Turner             (M)    MB BCh Cardiff 2013


Advanced Practitioner


Diana Finch              (F)       Minor Illness Nurse


Kirsty Robertson      (F)       Nurse Practitioner


Margaret Squibbs    (F)       Nurse Practitioner


Nicci Critchlow         (F)       Nurse Practitioner


Paul Green               (M)      Registered Mental Nurse


Sarah Simpson        (F)       Advanced Nurse Practitioner


Sonya Alderton        (F)       Nurse Practitioner


Practice Nurses


Andrea Finch           (F)       Lead Nurse               Ann Pitman               (F)       Lead Nurse

Bernadette Owen    (F)                                         Denise Digweed        (F)                   

Esther Toogood      (F)                                         Janice McCourt          (F)


Lois Ives                  (F)                                         Liz Wignall                (F)

Nadine Slabber       (F)                                         Nicola Bodrell           (F)      


Health Care Assistants (HCA)


Adrienne Paget        (F)                                        Angie Bull                 (F)                  


Lindsay Hollis           (F)                                        Paula Smith              (F)

Rose Grainger          (F)                                       Vicki Mitchell             (F)      




Marta Torruelladelaiglesia  (F)                               Marta Hassan-Hicks  (F)


Management Team

Business Manager              Peter Arrow-Smith


Operations Manager           Anita Jones


Finance Manager                Jo Adams


Office Manager (Dower)     Dawn Attrill

Administration Staff – Patient Advisors/Administrators


Denise (Lead Carisbrooke)                        Andrea (Lead Dower)


Ali, Ann, Angela, Astra, Beth, Caroline, Christine, Dawn, Jazz, Jill, Jordan, Laura, Lesley

Theresa, Vicky, Zoe. 

Administration Staff – HR


Gemma Rolf


Administration Staff – Secretaries


Julie (Lead), Rachel, Holly.

Administration Staff – Data/Administrators

 Elaine, Holly, Jackie, Jade, Julie, Maureen, Taylia, Teresa

 Holly, Julie and Rachel

Administration Staff - Prescription Clerks


Darcy, Lin, Trish, Sarah


General Practitioner Registrar And Students

Our practice is a training practice. Our registrars are fully qualified and have a great deal of hospital experience. Registrars are attached to our practice for 6 to 12 months and usually become General Practitioner partners after completing their training. They are at all times encouraged to seek advice when required from the practice partners.

When booking an appointment you may be asked if you would consult with one of the registrars who are excellent doctors appointed by the practice.


We are also fortunate to have medical students attached to our practice for short periods. If you do not wish to have the student present during your consultation please inform the reception staff prior to seeing the doctor.


















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